Newadventure Persians

Welcome to Newadventure Persians, G.C.C.F. registered cattery specialising in Colourpoint (Himalayan) Persians.

The Persian Cat is often considered the most elegant feline. With their beautiful longhaired glossy coats, large eyes and a fluffy brush of a tail they rank highly amongst the purebred cats.

Persians have a very refined appearance as a result of many decades of careful and thoughtful breeding programmes and when presented well still give a “wow” factor.

Perhaps the most endearing feature of the Persian Breed is their temperament, they are so sweet and always have an air of  total refinement. The Persian cat is one of the most domesticated cats and has a love of being with people. They adore attention and will show affection back in abundance to those who offer them the love.

Persians always seem to prefer a comfortable life and will if the offer is available always choose to lounge around on the sofa as opposed to being outside and being exposed to the elements…

Care of Your Persian

The Persian Cat is so well known for its beautiful longhaired coat, a coat it wears with such distinction. Persians take a pride in their own appearance and will spend endless hours preening itself with its tongue. Although this is a help, the job of grooming is too big a job for the Persian to completely handle by itself. Your Persian will require your help in order to look its very best at all times, regular grooming by you is such a great part of  caring for your Persian.


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