Newadventure Persians

About Us

Hi my name is Jean, I live in County Durham, England with my husband Derek and my Persian Cats and Kittens.

I am a small G.C.C.F. registered cattery and take pride in rearing healthy, happy socialised kittens, some of which would be good for breeding, sometimes they can be show quality too and others that make the best of pets.

All my cats are bred from p.k.d negative parents.

My love for colourpoint Persians started over 15 years ago when I bought a blue point as a pet. After many years in the devotion of showing Persian neuters I decided to start a small colourpoint breeding programme.


About Persian Cats

Persians were named Persians after what some consider to be their "country of origin" (Persia). When and where they first appeared can even be dated back to the hieroglyphics age of 1684 B.C.

Persians are considered the most popular breed, no wonder when we remember it is reported that Persians are descended from royalty.

Persians have sweet personalities, but you might think that they think all other beings on this earth are there to please them...

Persians have petite but solid boned legs to support their wide diminutive bodies. Liking their feet firmly planted on the ground makes for Persians not being climbers and jumpers.

What About the Himalayan

Colourpoints as they are known in the UK were first recognised by the GCCF back in 1955. And since then have featured well in shows and competitions all around the world.

The pointed pattern has become such a desired feature over the years, the name Himalayan was adopted from the coat patterns associated with the Himilayan rabbit.


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